Coaching for Professionals, Executives, & Organizations

Coaching is a one-to-one learning and development process that uses a collaborative, reflective, goal-focused relationship to achieve professional outcomes that are valued by the coachee. Although the term coaching may be used to refer to a variety of one-to-one development activities, we view it as a resource for clients to develop the self-awareness to grow and develop themselves in the direction of their choosing.

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GCI offerS Four coaching packages:

1. Corporate Individual Packages:

Individual packages are offered for executives and professionals seeking to enhance their effectiveness and happiness both professionally and personally. We offer a six-month package where individuals work with their coach to identify three growth areas to focus on, as well as ongoing coaching sessions for individuals who prefer to use their coach as a thought-partner to explore a variety of goals and emergent topics. Both individual coaching tracks include an initial intake session and three-month progress review sessions.

2. Corporate Team Packages:

Team packages offer all the benefits of individual coaching as well as providing organizations and teams insight into systemic issues that their group is facing. For example, a coach working with a team may identify that individuals are consistently struggling with role clarity on a particular team. An independent coach would not recognize this as a systemic issue and focus the coaching on how to ask for clarity. However, by identifying this a common team-issue, GCI can help the team address it at the team-level, resolving the problem for many instead of one.

We have frequently seen these systemic opportunities arise around topics such as decision-making confusion, questions of influence vs. authority, uncertain role boundaries, or accountability issues -- all issues which can be addressed at an organizational design level, in addition to individual, for greater impact.

As a benefit to team packages, organizations receive a quarterly report of the common themes arising in coaching to take advantage of opportunities for strategic team-level interventions. Individual confidentiality is always protected in the sharing of themes.

3. Professional Development Packages:

We offer packages aligned with stipends granted for professional growth and development that are offered to employees by their company.

4. Individual Packages:

We offer a sliding scale rate to individuals wishing to explore coaching without financial support from their employer. These sessions may include a third silent observer coach-in-training or may be led by a coaching intern, under the supervision of one of our coaches.