Growth & Development for Organizations & Teams

Growth Learning Labs

Growth Learning Labs are designed to develop employees both personally and professionally.  Development is essential for extracting the best out of employees. And employee development creates a learning culture in the organization where every employee is motivated to learn new skills and acquire new learnings. The  Growth Coaching Institute currently offers three labs:

(1)  Effective Communication:

 This Learning Lab is an interactive workshop designed to increase participants' interpersonal effectiveness via learning and practice.  The session will include: (1.) Techniques for successful Direct Communication; (2.) An overview of the foundational principles of NVC (non-violent communication) and other EI/EQ (Emotional Intelligence) communication models; (3.) Methods for effectively giving & receiving feedback; & (4.) Opportunities to practice communication techniques. "Words can be walls or windows" - Marshall Rosenberg

 🌱 Lab length: 2.5 hours

 (2) Emotional Regulation:

In this Learning Lab we will examine the relationship between our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviors. You will learn about and practice advanced Emotional Intelligence techniques such as Reframing, Redirecting, and Regulation. This course is designed to increase self-awareness and enhance your ability to slow down your emotions and be choiceful about your experiences.

 🌱 Lab length: 2.5 hours

 (3) Time Management:

This Learning Lab includes tools and tips on time management and hacks for increasing productivity. We will cover four main areas including: Time-awareness, Organization, Prioritization, and Focus. We will cover a variety of techniques that you can put to work immediately.

 🌱 Lab length: 1 hour

Mission, Vision, & Values

A powerful Mission, Vision, & Values (MVV) statement explains why the company exists (it’s reason for being), what is plans to accomplish (where it’s going), and how it operates.  An effective MVV provides a map to align employees priorities, guidance on behavior, and a framework for decision making. If your MVV doesn’t exist, doesn’t feel inspirational or like an accurate representation of your culture it is an opportunity to create a valuable organizational asset.

Our team designs MVV workshops that incorporate input from across the organization. This results in immediate alignment with an MVV that is alive and energizing, not just words on a wall.

Each statement has its own distinct function in the strategic planning process.

A mission statement explains the company’s reason for existence. It describes the company , what it does and its overall intention. The mission statement supports the vision and serves to communicate purpose and direction to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. The mission can change to reflect a company’s (or department’s) priorities and methods to accomplish its vision.

A vision statement describes the organization as it would appear in a future successful state. An effective vision statement is inspirational and aspirational. It creates a mental image of the future state that the organization wishes to achieve.
A values statement describes what the organization believes in and how it will behave. In a values-led company, the values create a moral compass for the company and its employees. This compass guides decision-making and establishes a standard that actions can be assessed against. A values statement defines the deeply held beliefs and principles of the organizational culture. These core values are an internalized framework that is shared and acted on by leadership.

For an organization to have an effective values statement, it must use them to guide its attitudes, actions and decision-making on a daily basis. Developing a values-led organization can be a difficult and slow process that should be attempted only by organizations that are willing and prepared to make a long-term commitment to the established company values.

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Team Offsites

Available to all teams and level of professional, these workshops guide you toward achieving the greatest competitive advantage: a healthy organization. Offsites range in focus from Strategic Planning sessions, team alignment, roadmap generation, process improvement, capability building, communication enhancement to conflict resolution.

Sessions are customized based on needs and goals of your team, typically ranging from a half-day to two-day session.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a conflict mediation process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Conflict does have a positive side: it can promote collaboration, improve performance, foster creativity and innovation and build deeper relationships. Using an outside facilitator offers managers the opportunity to learn how to resolve conflict within their team using proven methods. The more skilled managers become in handling differences and change without creating or getting involved in conflict, the more successful their teams and companies will become.

Facilitated Meditation

Companies like Google, Apple, and Keen IO have one thing in common: They all promote meditation for their employees. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce stress and increase concentration and productivity in the workplace and benefits can be seen with just ten minutes of practice a day.

If you’re looking for a company activity that promotes wellness and mindfulness, consider a meditation facilitator.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation (20 minutes) – Guided, seated meditation.

  2. Mindfulness + Recharge (45 minutes) – This class is designed to clear your head, balance the body, and reinvigorate your energy. We include breath work, meditation, strengthening, and relaxation.

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