“Jennifer is an amazing coach. Both through personal and professional struggles, she has a natural ability to tease out the heart of an issue and help me refocus my thoughts in a healthier manner. Honestly, the discussions I've had with Jennifer are some of the most fruitful in my life - few people have seen into my core so well and helped me grow so quickly. Even around some of the hardest conversations, Jennifer somehow - magically - lowers my defenses and shows me better ways to approach the situation.

I can't recommend Jennifer highly enough for any position that would allow her to help people develop themselves. She truly has a gift for it.”

Joe Wegner, Software Engineer at Heroku

“What can I say? I am a better person, a better teammate, and a better human being thanks to Jen. Working with Jen has been life altering.

Many people talk about investing in the human side of business, but very few actually have the skills, experience, and compassion to make the necessary impact on the people around them. Jen's impact on others is undeniable. She listens. She coaches. She leads. Her ability to find the most important problem in a sea of problems is uncanny. She's not afraid to tell you something you might not want to hear, in fact, I believe she seeks such things out. She always has your best interests in mind. She loves what she does, and it shows. Jen is invaluable to me, and to our team.

Jen is light years ahead of the curve on the human side of business. Her courage and passion for helping others work through some of the toughest times of their lives while she does the same for herself is an inspiration to me. Every organization would be wise to find their Jen.”

Terry Horner, Engineering Manager - Data Infrastructure at Github


"I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the idea of our tech startup hiring Jenn, a professional psychologist. I'll also be the first to admit how blown away I was by the impact it had on our organization.

In 2015, our company scaled to 50 very quickly, and our management and people development skills were stretched quite thin. As an executive that many employees confided in whenever they felt stressed, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of conversations I was having every week, and frankly pretty unqualified to handle the breadth of them. That's when we got the unconventional idea to hire someone as a coach and made the decision to bring on Jenn.

Jenn is incredible. Her coaching sessions quickly became the top benefit cited by our already enthusiastic team. Under Jenn's mentorship, I have seen the team grow and mature as they have figured out how to manage conflicts, reframe setbacks, and generally get themselves unstuck from routine quagmires we all find ourselves in sometimes.

Having Jenn on our team has notably reduced stress and tension across our entire team and especially our exec team. Not only does Jenn provide 1:1 employee coaching, she also teaches workshops on conflict resolution, communication skills, and mental wellness. Jenn raises the EQ, employee retention, and communication efficiency of our entire organization. All of this in addition to her more traditional people management work of running our employee rating and feedback system, which we also see as invaluable to our business. We are also proud to have Jenn represent our brand as a highly in-demand speaker at numerous tech & mental health conferences.

Needless to say, hiring Jenn was one of the best decisions we ever made. Jenn is a caring, professional, enthusiastic, and remarkable person. I would recommend bringing her on to any organization. If you're reading this because you're considering hiring a coach for your company, I'd be happy to talk through how we calculated the return on investment for hiring someone like Jenn, although I assure you the benefit is much more than financial.

It's probably worth noting my personal experience with Jenn as my own coach. She's fantastic. She is relaxed, professional, and very sharp. Coaching sessions with her feel incredibly easy and yet super productive. Just by asking a few questions, she brings a sense of wisdom and experience without really saying much at all. Jenn’s coaching has helped me develop a sense of clarity, strength, confidence, and resilience. I love having Jenn as a coach and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!"

Michelle Wetzler, Director, Twilio Expert Services

“Jennifer played a major role in increasing my self-awareness and ability to introspect, evaluate, and manage my emotions. I was able to make more intelligent decisions for work, but even better, my marriage was significantly improved as a result of her teaching and influence.

Jennifer is clearly a genuine person that cares deeply about others. She is also an intensely intelligent individual with incredible domain expertise in mental health issues. She would be an asset to any group of people she interacts with.”

Devin Ekins, Backend Software Engineer at

Growth & Development Testimonials

“They Effective Communications training was hugely valuable for my team. I really appreciated the flow of the concepts as well as the theory explained to support the various models mentioned. I liked that the presentation began with introspection first, and then continued with team dynamics. Lisa and Jennifer were informed, prepared and engaging. I enjoyed hearing the success they've had with other teams when using the material.”

Robert David, UC Berkeley Learning Advisory Board

"I've been in plenty of planning sessions in my career, but none of been so well planned and thoroughly facilitated as our recent offsite with Lisa. She kept the team energized and focused, and by the end of the day, each participant had a clear view on next steps."

"Offsite planning sessions are often filled with enthusiasm on one hand and apprehension on the other. Lots of big ideas fly around, but will anything from the whiteboard actually translate to action? During our offsite with Lisa, I found that she was able to harness the energy in the room while keeping the group focused on refining big ideas into doable clearly-defined steps. I suspect this is due in part to her thorough planning prior to the session as well as her experience managing these kinds of meetings many times before. During the session, not only did we identify highly leveraged projects for the team to embark upon, but also uncovered key interpersonal challenges we were able to address. Weeks later, we're still reflecting on and finding value in the outputs from this well-executed offsite." 

Patrick Wood, Director of Customer Success at Keen IO